Conscious CBD from farm-to-feel good.

CBD is like an adaptogen of cannabis, a natural approach we can use in many ways to empower our mood and feel better.

But here’s the thing: truly magical CBD is how the plant was grown, loved on, harvested, processed from plant to bottle- to you. That’s what matters most to us as a farm-first CBD wellness and clean beauty company. Our CBD is from organically-grown, medicinal craft hemp from our partner farm in Colorado and right here on our own small family farm in Western North Carolina. We use only whole plant CBD, meaning our products are ‘full spectrum’ a term used to share we include all of the therapeutic cannabinoids found in hemp flower, not the stalks or leaves of the plant. Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, solvents and always third-party lab tested, twice. From our soil to your self-care, a farm-to-feel good CBD you can trust and love. 

CBD, the therapeutic cannabinoid.

CBD is a naturally occurring molecule found in all cannabis plants, this includes both hemp and THC-rich cannabis. CBD is like an adaptogen in that when taken it can help empower things like anxiety, stress, period discomfort, sleep, pain, and inflammation within our overall wellness over time.

CBD is just one part of a whole lotta’ good stuff. CBD is a part of a family of what are called ‘cannabinoids’- these cannabinoids make up over the 100+ therapeutic molecules found within the cannabis species. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids found in the most abundance, while other cannabinoids act as ‘boosters’ to the effects of the plant. CBN and CBG are pretty rad cannabinoids, for example, as more research shows they are just as powerful as CBD. We really love all the cannabinoids so we intentionally ensured they are present in our formulas to introduce what providing pure, potent whole plant CBD can do for our health. 

“CBD is like an adaptogen in that when taken it can help empower things like anxiety, stress, period discomfort, sleep, pain, and inflammation within our overall wellness over time. “

CBD and how it works with our body.

Did you know our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, too? This is through what’s called our Endocannabinoid System, a complex system that controls everything from our sleep and overall mood to appetite and anxiousness. People and plants have a deeply rooted connection- and we love to help educate on the magic between the two. There are over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that work together to produce different effects within our Endocannabinoid System, which is where CBD is recognized in our body. Hemp is cannabis and cannabis is Hemp, but different levels of each cannabinoid will confirm what type of cannabis plant you’re using and what it will make you feel like when utilizing it in your wellness rituals.

Our CBD oil contains 0.3% or less of THC and comes from hemp, so there are no intoxicating effects when using our products to empower your wellness. CBD-rich hemp products are like having the benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being ‘high’, as the cannabinoid content of the hemp plant have naturally lower THC levels.

CBD is everywhere, but it’s not always created equal.

How it’s grown, loved on, harvested and processed is everything in an unregulated industry.

We believe education and access is the key to debunking the ‘trend talk’ in our industry currently. We don’t believe any plant that helps people is a trend, it’s just not our style. We do, however, believe in lifting others in the industry up, we walk the talk when it comes to collaboration over competition. We want to empower you to find a CBD product that’s right for you- to do that means supporting other farmers and conscious brands.

Here’s our biggest tips when navigating your CBD sourcing: Know your growers (always understand where your CBD is coming from and how the plants are grown), seek out conscious companies, make sure you ask for a COA (certificate of analysis) for CBD purity and please note CBD isn’t the ‘good’ cannabinoid while THC is the ‘bad’ cannabinoid. Plants are like people- they come in all shapes, sizes, forms and all make us feel a different way whether we like them or not, there’s something for everyone. 😉