This week we’re featuring Bianca Monica of Limone Creative. We met at a holiday pop-up several years ago in NYC (that I kind of barely remember somehow because at that time SA’s growth was a blur, real talk). She’s truly the coolest soul and I don’t even remember how we reconnected, I just know we did- and we’ve hit it off since.

She’s been making waves creating a more evolved Cannabis aesthetic by way of her founding her full-service creative cannabis agency that’s been featured within Merry Jane, Coveteur and Marie Claire . Her agency feels authentic AF in a time where agencies are having a hard time finding their niche. She seems to know everyone in the best way and her creative touch feels distinguished and approachable in a crowded space where everyone wants to ‘redefine the plant’ (some for good, some for money, just being real). Above all, she’s genuine and her company is creating something truly special. We’re so excited she agreed to show us a look into her day!

Photos by Geoff Rynex

A Day in the High Life with Bianca

Hey there. I’m Bianca Monica, Founder and CEO of Limone Creative, a creative agency in New York and LA. I live in LA full-time but head back to New York to spend time with the team and clients.

My day in the life is always different, but I try to take my newly-adapted LA lifestyle wherever I go.

Wake-and-bake-up call.

7AM— I’m either pressing snooze a few more times in New York, or popping up to make coffee and start the day before our morning check-in with the team. Let’s go with the LA version…

Wake-up, snuggle with my cat Lamb, roll out of bed and head over to my french press. I light the kettle and turn on NPR. The sun is usually pretty bright in our kitchen and living room and I open the door and step outside to our porch. It’s usually a few more minutes before my partner Geoff is up and outside meditating. We light a Henry’s Jillybean to give us a boost. The coffee’s done and it’s around 7:20 when we start talking about our schedule for the day and then dial-in for our check-in with the New York team.

Photo by Limone Creative for Henry’s Original

9AM— I’m on calls with clients or new business, planning an upcoming Limone event or dedicating time to client work. Every day is different but that’s my favorite part.

Afternoon grounding magic.

12PM— I make a Daily Harvest smoothie and add Soul Addict CBD. At this point in the day I want to come down from all of the morning’s energy exchanges before I head into an afternoon of focus.

Evening flow for feel-good.

4PM — The day is over, for now. I head to Modelfit (sad face* it’s closing) or Set & Flow on La Brea for Yoga. It’s important for me to end a day with getting my body moving. I try to workout a few times a week and have been incorporating hiking into my routine. I grew up in New Jersey, we didn’t really do outdoorsy things besides the beach at the shore during summers. I started appreciating nature more when I incorporated cannabis into my daily routine when I moved to LA over a year ago. LA has given me a lot of good things!

The evening *grind* down.

6:30pm — Cook dinner. We love the Hollywood Farmer’s market. Or order-in from our favorite taco joint. Sit on our porch, put our phones away wind down. We are always hosting people for dinner, too. We call our home the Cannabis Salon because we’ve had some of the coolest people in the industry over for joints and food.

9PM — Rub Weedsport Salve on my lower back and Tonic Chronic on my neck and temples. Get on my Soul Addict Honey Manuka Mask, curl up on the couch with Lamb, light a Soul Addict CBD pre-roll and turn on Succession or Sienfeld. And by 10p I’m in bed.

Cannabis is such a big part of my self-care routine. It’s been such an important aspect of my life as a CEO and a woman. Cannabis makes me feel more connected with myself, my community, my team and the world. It’s an exciting time to be apart of this industry.

Instagram: @biancamonica / @limonecreative


About Daily Dose founder feature series

Welcome to The Daily Dose here in 2020. We’re calling is a ‘Cannavist-Founder series’ focusing on having an honest conversation about what we’re doing to make our lives more simple and content in an ‘100-mile-a-minute’ world using powerful rituals (read: cannabis) in our daily practice. Because being a conscious human in 2020 is, well, complicated and Cannabis can be, too.

We will be featuring womxn and men incorporating cannabis into their everyday rituals + routines with the hopes of educating, inspiring self-empowerment and destigmatizing the plant in all her forms. The format of this series will differ from ‘a look into the life’ and general Q&A, but we hope you enjoy getting a glimpse at how we’re empowering the plant through real people and real wellness. Soul Addict is conscious cannabinoid line and hemp farm creating a digital safe space for us to share, chill and be ourselves without judgment. Let’s get consciously dosed, heal and talk real wellness, together. 

xx big love – Laura, SA founder + CEO, and the entire SA team

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