This week I’m excited to share a look into our PR + Content Manager, Lauren McAlpin, daily rituals for chill and how she/they approaches their weekly self-care balance. And yes, our Calming CBD Prerolls, are included. 😉 

I originally met Lauren in the beginnings of building Soul Addict through instagram (it’s crazy how many IRL friends I now have, that unfolded from the app) and felt lucky to have her on the team up until this point. She’s has now officially started her second Master’s Program in Psychology at Harvard and is also getting certified as a Reiki healer as you’ll see below. We can’t wait to see all the light Lauren brings to this world as she steps into her next phase and helping continue to bring healing into this world. Here and there on SA’s instagram we’ll be checking in with Lauren’s whereabouts and learn more about her Reiki practice and life in LA. I can’t wait!

Hi there! 👋My name is Lauren McAlpin and I am the PR & Brand Content Manager for Soul Addict.

I live in Los Angeles, CA and prior to working with the Soul Addict team, I worked in the beauty industry in marketing & PR for almost five years. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that it is so crucially important to learn where the consumer products you buy come from. I am so incredibly proud to be apart of such a conscious business!


5AM— I’m a very early riser. I get way more done at 5AM than 5PM, but in order to do this, I stick to a morning routine. Now I know this may be a little strange, but I’m actually a morning mask-er.

I like to apply Honey Mama Manuka Mask before I sit down to meditate. The Vitamin C helps wake me up and I like to reinforce the idea that self care doesn’t have to only happen after a long day.

After I meditate, I pull a daily tarot card. I’ve been building my tarot deck collection, but I really love Jerico Mandybur’s Neo Tarot because of its self care call-to-action for every card.

8AM— I’m not much of a coffee drinker any more, so I like to start off my day with tea or a smoothie. Lately, I’ve been making a PB protein smoothie with chunky peanut butter, oat milk, protein powder, banana and cocoa powder, dosed with the CBD Elixir. Sometimes I’ll add a little nutmeg or cinnamon if I’m feeling spicy! Our founder Laura has some really amazing smoothie recipes if you haven’t already checked them out: Blueberry Tart Adaptogenic CBD Smoothie and Mango Magic Anti-inflammatory CBD Smoothie.

9AM— As I’m based in Los Angeles and Laura is based on the farm, Laura and I usually touch base in the mornings to discuss any and all things brand related, ie. packaging artwork, social media content, e-newsletters, press pitching – you name it! I feel so incredibly blessed to be working with Laura and SA’s tiny (but definitely mighty!) team.

12PM— As many freelancers will tell you, working from home can be cool, but also lonely! I try to get out in the middle of the day and take my mom’s dog to the beach or stop by my favorite shops on Abbott Kinney to get lunch, a little bit of fresh air and human interaction. R[eco]tained just opened – and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

2PM— I’m beginning a Masters program in Psychology at the end of this month and becoming Reiki certified next month. In the early afternoon, I like to get ahead on reading for school and/or educating myself about reiki and tarot. I’m going to start taking clients in the next few months and want to be as prepared and knowledgeable as I possibly can be!

5:30PM— My brain officially starts to slowly clock out around this hour if I don’t get food in me. It’s dinner time! In 2020, I’m trying to eat more vegan meals, especially for dinner. Laura has definitely inspired me. If you have favorite vegan recipes, please please please DM them to me!

8PM—  In order to be up early, I start to wind down my night around 8pm. To relax, I take a few puffs of our Calming Hemp CBD Flower Prerolls. I highly suggest also trying out BaOx, SA’s high quality hemp flower, and rolling your own CBD joint. Every night, I close my eyes while I massage oils into my skin and visualize all stresses from the day melting away. My evening routine is just as important to me as my morning routine and implementing full-spectrum CBD has definitely elevated my rituals! ✨

Thank you for reading along! Follow me on Instagram @lauren.mcalpin. xx

About Daily Dose founder feature series

Welcome to The Daily Dose here in 2020. We’re focusing on having an honest conversation about what we’re doing to make our lives more simple and content in an ‘100-mile-a-minute’ world using powerful rituals (read: cannabis) in our daily practice. Because being a conscious human in 2020 is, well, complicated and Cannabis can be, too.

We will be featuring womxn and men incorporating cannabis into their everyday rituals + routines with the hopes of educating, inspiring self-empowerment and destigmatizing the plant in all her forms. The format of this series will differ from ‘a look into the life’ and general Q&A, but we hope you enjoy getting a glimpse at how we’re empowering the plant through real people and real wellness. Soul Addict is conscious cannabinoid line and hemp farm creating a digital safe space for us to share, chill and be ourselves without judgment. Let’s get consciously dosed, heal and talk real wellness, together. 

xx big love – Laura, SA founder + CEO, and the entire SA team

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