Where do you source your CBD products?

We’re all natural and doing it ourselves, babes. As of August 2019 we’re over the moon to share 100% Soul Addict CBD line is sourced from our own organically-grown Hemp Farm located in Connelly Springs, North Carolina.

Unless, that is, we’re supporting our neighboring farming community’s amazing raw Hemp Flower varieties, which we really, really love to do. In that case, we share this on our website on where we source each CBD flower from. 

WTF is Connelly Springs, NC again? Fair question.

Our farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, about a little less than an hour drive away from Asheville, North Carolina. Our founder, Laura, grew up about 10 minutes away and we grow on an adjacent farm that’s been in her family since the 1950s, so it’s a family-owned business as well as being woman-owned. 

Okay, so what does ‘vertically integrated’ mean?

Basically, we believe good agriculture products come from good farms. You can’t have a ‘good & consciously-growing* farm without transparency. You can’t have a transparent farm without doing it yourself. So…yeah, we did it ourselves. 

Before this, we were always on a mission to be a plant-to-bottle (aka: vertically integrated!) CBD company. Vertically integrated simply means we’re growing the hemp mamas, harvesting the hemp mamas and making some seriously *ah-mazing* craft CBD products from our very own hemp mama’ flowers.  

We have been working on becoming a vertically integrated Hemp CBD company & farm since we were one of the very first women-owned CBD companies to receive their license in North Carolina to grow craft female-flowering hemp under the Federal Hemp Pilot Program in 2017. Before we made that goal a reality, we sourced from both our farm and small farms outside of Denver, Colorado.

How many acres of hemp do you grow to be a vertically integrated hemp CBD company?

We find power in staying small. 

Our founder wanted nothing more than to grow hemp on a small scale with consciousness, creating a line of organically-grown CBD that put people’s health and wellness over profit, always. You could say, we keep it small and we like it that way. 

In 2018, our first hemp season we planted a total of 1 acre for our CBD line. Start small, learn the plant. In 2019, we upped that acreage to 5 acres in order to begin wholesaling our premium hemp flower to fellow conscious and woman-owned hemp brands. We plan on our 2020 season being the same or smaller. 

You grow organically, but does that mean you’re certified? 

The really amazing and very cool thing about growing hemp- is that it’s been legalized for the first time in 50 years very, very recently. The stigma was and still is very real. We have a lot of feelings about that, but that’s for another time. 

This industry is new, like really n-e-w. We are working on gaining our certification for Oregon Tilth for the third time in our 2020 season. The USDA cert is harder to come about given they’re still processing their rules for organic hemp growing practices. 

We have been seeking our organic certification since 2017 (our first year of growing!), but even then most certifiers were either

  1. Bombarded with applications + messages from farms who already were certified wanting their cert for their hemp crop so others fell to the wayside OR…
  2. Still in the midst of deciding what growing organic hemp *even means*. 

We have high hopes we’ll receive our organic cert for 2020 hemp season without issues and looking forward to finally, proudly having a certification for something we’re already doing with a ton of intention and consciousness. However, we have realized that as the market has grown very quickly, small farms don’t get first dibs if you’re not already a certified organic farm growing something like lettuce, corn, tomatoes, etc.. That said, we’re hopeful this is our year! 


A quick beginner’s guide to CBD.

How do I use your CBD?

There are so many ways you can utilize our CBD line within your wellness ritual. The uses are endless, which is why we like to consider CBD a ‘multidimensional adaptogen’. Meaning, it’s something that can empower and impact physical and emotional Our conscious CBD line is comprised of both ingestible, smokable and topical CBD products that can be used in multi-use ways from chilling out with a CBD dose to calming skin irritation. 

Will your CBD Elixirs and Edibles get me high?

Nope, our CBD products will not get you high. Not one bit. Not even a little. Hemp is essentially the benefits of Cannabis without the high. All of our products have less than 0.3% THC as required by law.

The breakdown by product…

CBD Elixir tincture

Our CBD is a multi-use CBD product that can help empower your overall wellness and is meant mainly for an ingestible (to be taken orally) or for topical use in creams and skincare. 

Taking CBD internally: If you’re new to CBD oil, for your first dose we suggest taking a sublingual dose (meaning you directly drop CBD into mouth + hold under your tongue around 15-30 seconds). 

After your initial dose is all good, you can go up or down from there depending on your body and your body’s own experience. See our Dosing Guide (link) for more information on getting your dose right. 

Applying CBD topically: You can also utilize our oil for body care and skincare. We suggest adding 1-3 doses depending on your needs to your favorite body cream, face moisturizer or serum. Don’t feel like diluting it with any of those? Wonderful! We also love applying our CBD Elixir directly to skin for glowing results and empowered pain relief. 

Do you use third-party lab testing for your products?

Yes! You can find each batch test here: https://souladdict.co/3rd-party-lab-tests-cbd/ which we regularly update. 

We also use ProVerde Labs, an ISO/IEC 17025:2005-certified third-party lab that ensures quality testing on CBD. We believe third-party lab testing doesn’t really work when it’s not certified by reputable, science-backed organizations. 

How long does it take to get my order?

We really, really try to be magical shipping fairies and give it our 100% to get your order out to you as quickly as possible. As a small team creating true, small batch high vibrational CBD we typically ship all orders with 5-7 business days, but try to reach to the shorter time length when we can swing it. It’s a work in progress, so thanks for your support of us and our farm as we grow. It means a lot 🙂 


Many people love using our Calming CBD Prerolls & CBD Flower for quicker relief times and a more thorough CBD experience. 

Benefits of using CBD Flower + Calming CBD Prerolls

When we inhale the unrefined CBD flower in her rawest form, this is the most bioavailable (aka: absorbable!) way our body can use CBD. Many people find this most helpful and powerful when choosing a form of CBD that’s right for them and their purpose of use. 

Inhaling CBD Flower + Calming CBD Prerolls means that relief times are shorter and stronger in dosing, but typically does not last as long as a tincture.

Is your CBD Flower + Calming CBD Prerolls THC-free?

No, both products do contain a small amount of THC, but it won’t get you ‘high’. 

This because technically the raw hemp CBD flower itself will always be considered ‘full spectrum’ meaning there’s always at least a small amount of THC found within it. We do share our third party labs test from ISO-certified Pro Verde Labs that show exactly the amount being within or under .3% of THC. We have a strict testing process in place to ensure all Soul Addict hem pcbd flower meets the federal requirements of THC limits. 

Will I pass a drug test if I inhale your hemp CBD flower products?

We don’t advise those who are regularly drug tested professionally to use our hemp CBD flower products given they do contain trace amounts of THC which can mean you might not pass mandatory drug testing. 

What are the best ways to use your raw CBD flower? 

  • Pass it ‘round. Mainly, people choose CBD flower to inhale/smoke. Some SA customers love to use our CBD flower and blend their own herbs to create custom herbal smokes.
  • Make a high vibe tea. You can use our CBD flower to make potent CBD-infused teas, in which, we suggest adding a high-quality fat like coconut milk powder, coconut oil, ghee or another oil to help the CBD bind in your tea and provide results. 
  • Cook with it for extra good vibes. Make CBD butter, yep, the ole’ fashioned way, but sub hemp CBD flower for therapeutic benefits! 


A quick Q&A guide for our product dosing & usage. The full ‘SA Dosing Guide’ can be found online here: https://souladdict.co/soul-addict-cbd-dosing-guide/

How much CBD oil should I take when taking internally?

This heavily depends on you and your body- we want you to trust your body in finding what works for you! This said, here are some common tips we suggest:

  1. We recommend starting with what’s considered a ‘microdose’ serving size of 15 drops of our CBD Elixir and then go up from there. Most customers do need more than a microdose to understand + help them utilize our CBD’s effects best. 
  2. After your first dose, you can take 1-5 total doses by mouth up to 2x a day.
  3. Many customers choose to take one dose in the morning and their second dose in the evening. 

How long does your products last me before I’ll need to order more?

CBD Elixir: The Original Chill Collection

1 oz – all 1 ounce CBD Elixirs should last an average of one months.

2 oz – all 1 ounce CBD Elixirs should last an average of two months.

CBD Elixir: The High Gravity Collection

TBA – coming soon! 

Calming CBD Prerolls

5 pack: Each preroll can be used a total of 15 sessions. That’s an average of 3 smoke sessions total per person, per preroll. 

2 pack: Each preroll can be used a total of 6 sessions. That’s an average of 3 smoke sessions total per person, per preroll.

CBD Honey Mama Manuka body + face mask 

(4oz) On average, each jar can expect up to 25 masks per session

(1oz) On average, each jar can expect up to 6 masks per session

Each Calming CBD Preroll can be used up to 1-3 times, per preroll. This typically depends on your body’s tolerance and what you’re utilizing our prerolls for. We suggest starting slow, like with anything and inhaling ⅓ of the total preroll and then seeing how you’re feeling. 

Are your products Full Spectrum? (Yes. We do not carry Broad or Isolate-based products)

Yes, and we consciously decided to ensure we were a Full Spectrum CBD line. ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD concentrates simply means it’s essentially the plant’s most un-refined form of oil with all it’s natural compounds still in-tact and minimally processed.

Yes, full spectrum also means our CBD line includes a trace amount of THC which follows a very strict guideline of being at or below .3% of THC content as stated in the Federal Guidelines of hemp CBD product regulations. 

How is your CBD oil made from your sun-grown hemp CBD flower?

Good question! It’s been a long road of understanding what best practices we want to use within our product line. We proudly use ethanol to extract for our hemp flower. Little known fact: This is the most historically used method for cannabis/hemp extracts . It is a clean and cold extraction method (again, minimally processed!) that allows for optimal retention of terpenes and other very sensitive compounds found in full spectrum hemp CBD. 

It is also the *only* method that can be considered a certified organic CBD oil. Though some may disagree, science of extraction will always win that argument.

 Soul Addict does not use petroleum or toxic chemicals for our solvent extractions, ever. Some manufacturers may use butane or other chemicals to separate the plant matter and medicinal chemicals, but we opt for the more au-natural route. The carbon dioxide or alcohol used to create our full-spectrum hemp extracts is almost fully evaporated away to leave behind a pure CBD oil containing a wide variety of nutritious compounds, including amino acids, vitamins, omega fatty acids, trace minerals, terpenes, and more.

How long will be CBD Elixir last before it expires? 

Given we use organic, cold-pressed Hemp Seed oil as our only carrier oil, we suggest storing your CBD in cool, dry and dark place, preferably in your pantry away from sudden changes in temperatures and humidity. In this environment our CBD Elixir will last up to 1 year. 

However, if you choose to use CBD as-needed and not within a more thorough routine (aka: using it pretty quickly!) we highly suggest simply going ahead and storing your CBD Elixir in your refrigerator to extend shelf life greatly and use as-needed up to 2 years.