One of our favorite rituals for relaxation, shared and passed.

We’ve received such a warm response to our recent Hemp CBD Flower launch which means the world to us. It’s been a long time in the making with our own hemp farm and supporting fellow family farms, so we’re thrilled to bring high-quality, organically-grown hemp CBD flower to our beautiful community. If you’re curious about Hemp high-CBD Flower, we’re sharing the basics before we get to rolling…

BaOx pictured here, the ‘flower’ or ‘bud’ is where CBD naturally is sourced from

This first strain within our flower launch is called BaOx (pronounced bay-ox), a Sativa dominant hybrid that is quite high in CBD (12% CBD / 126mg per gram). BaOX is greenhouse grown to ensure less stress on the plants and more potency when it comes to raw flower use. We love it because it’s a ritualistic way to relax, feel calm, get extra good beauty rest and feel n control of our day without feeling hazy. Fruity and sweet flavor with mellow earthy notes makes it well-rounded. 

 Step 1: Gather Your Essentials

Now… let’s get down to business! To begin, you will need the following:

  • THC or CBD flower – We will of course be using our amazing BaOx hemp breed, grown by our family friends and partners at North State Hemp.
  • A grinder – Personally, we don’t think you have to be too picky about your grinder selection – as long as it works! Grinding your flower is much less messy and easier to manage. Pick out the stems prior to putting the flower in the grinder. You want to have an even consistency.
  • Rolling papersRAW Rolling papers are very commonly used unbleached and unrefined papers. If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, there are Juicy Jays printed papers.
  • A filter – Joint filters aren’t 100% necessary, however, they act as a mouth piece and stop loose weed from getting in your mouth when you inhale. Most rolling paper packets include filters, however, you can make one at home from thin cardboard. Even an old business cards work, but make sure it’s not dyed or coated with anything.
  • Cute accessories are not essential, but if you’re looking to elevate your smoke sesh, we highly recommend the High Society Collection Eye Bun Pin (which doubles as a joint holder) or Betty Bones’ Joint Holder.

 Step 2: Individualize The Technique

Okay, so here’s the truth… If you ask 5 different people how to roll a joint, they will all probably have different techniques (and they’ll all probably tell you their’s is the best!). The trick to rolling a great joint is following a few basic steps, while also figuring out what works best for you – kinda like dosing

  • Step 1 – Grab a rolling paper lengthwise and ensure the sticky side of the rolling paper is facing you, in order to seal the joint. The glue will be a small line along the edge of the paper.
  • Step 2 – Place the filter on one side of the rolling paper. It’s easiest to place it on the left side if you’re right handed, vice versa if you’re a lefty.
  • Step 3 – Sprinkle your ground flower evenly along the crease on the other side of your filter. You should use enough flower to cover slightly more than half of the paper. Leave some room at the end to be able to twist the joint shut.
  • Step 4 – Get ready to rock n’ roll! Use your thumbs to tuck the paper around the flower, starting closest to the filter. Most joints are cone-shaped, so you’re trying to shape the flower as such. Use your index fingers are support. Continue on down the joint. You got this!
  • Step 5 – When you feel you’ve evenly distributed the flower, it’s time to seal the joint. Tuck the side of the paper closest to you tightly around the flower, lick the sticky part of the paper carefully and roll the remainder of the joint upward to seal it. Twist the end and voila!

It may take a few tries to get the hang of things, but pretty soon you’ll be able to add your own signature to the routine. If a joint is rolled too loosely, it’ll burn too quickly. The best joints are firm, however, if a joint is rolled too tight, it’ll be really difficult to get a good pull from it. Be patient with yourself!

Step 3: Enjoy The Experience!

The most important step! As with all things that we do, it’s nice to be intentional. Whether you’re rolling a joint for some R&R after a long day or you’re sharing a joint with a partner or group of friends, think about what you’re looking to gain from the experience. It may sound a little “woo woo”, but showing gratitude for this awesome plant totally makes a difference. Cannabis can help empower our mood and feel good. Give some thanks while you settle into your calm, chill bliss!


As always, if you have any questions about our Hemp CBD Flower, our conscious farm or you’d like more information , please don’t hestitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

We’d love to hear from you!

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