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some of our team’s favorite consciously-made, mostly woman-owned, small businesses to support this holiday season.

Laura here. I’m one of those people that likes to keep gift guides relatively small, *even when I want to share actual *pages of my favorite brands to support. So while this isn’t an exhaustive list (I feel like maybe I’ll just create another list if you’re like me and love book-marking brands you’d like to support in the future!), here’s some of my favorite brands + people I’m supporting this season.

our slow made, small batch cbd honey mama mask + conscious chill cbd smokes. (& our sale ends Monday, Dec 6th!)

okay. let’s be real, I gotta’ plug SA because this duo really IS my favorite gift for the holidays 😉 , especially for those looking to try out cbd and want to give a gift that gives people full body l-o-v-e. our honey mama mask was made for *all* skin types, is super gentle and helps repair the skin is harsh dry months. our smokes are perfect for those new and OG to cannabis, alike, and are often an unexpected favorite because they’re strong and they work. stress, melt away! and! we’re still having our sale until Monday, Dec 6th. shop here.

Nisolo Boots. Ugh they’re SO GOOD. (& they’re on sale rn)

I’m going to on-brand for myself (aka: be melodramatic) here and say I’ve been DYING for a pair of these boots since they launched and FINALLY ordered some this week. The company is based in Nashville and they’re truly sustainable and ethical when it comes to making, ahem, THE perfect shoe that you’ll be passing down to your grandchildren. These aren’t wear-a-few-years and then throw them out or list them on your Etsy. These are SJP-we-love-SHOES worthy and are apparently superrr comfortable, too, which is the only shoe I wear these days because I’m in my 30s now, so yeah. I got this pair and I can’t wait to put them on!

My friend, Sara, makes the prettiest, handmade earrings that are like art for your ears

I wear mine all the time and are true statement pieces + she uses all local textiles to north carolina and puts so much love into her craft. &! she’s a one woman show. shop here.

for those who want to opt-out of materials, books + substacks are the new gift for your fav knowledge-seeker. (links below ~)

I am a BIG fan of these-as-gifts; Cultish which is winning lots of awards in the book world (+ this link supports Malaprops, an indie book retailer, bc duh!) because I’m obsessed with cults and how they begin, Jessica DeFino’s Substack (a must for anyone working in beauty, for real) about being consciously critical of modern beauty for TRULY be free of beauty standards for womxn, one of my dear friend’s from New Orleans started an how-to-save-Earth-in-SIMPLE-ways and she’s really pouring her resources and heart into it. These would all financially support women sharing their knowledge, which is an extra super cool gift imo. for the substacks, subscribing would be also wonderful for them both, but obs supporting by a monthly $ would be awesome, too. 🙂

Lenea Sims just lauched a REALLY COOL tote for her brainchild, Inner Play.

for earth-loving, plastic-hating, people who want to support the daily, conscious fight for equality for BIPOC and Lenea’s insanely beautiful words she creates for us, daily. you can shop it this *sunday*. 

If you don’t know what Burning Love Smoke Shop‘s magic IS, well, you’re welcome. 

for my ouid-and-hemp flower loving humans, the MOST beautiful pipes I daydream about, daily. soon you’ll be able to load them up with your favorite feel-good flowers, too. 😉

MYSTICAL MAGICAL HUMANS UNITE. Human Design is like a roadmap to your most aligned life. Stacey takes HD AND your birthchart and gives you her most potent insight to how you can live the life you have always dreamed of. (plus, I swear you’ll just love her)

In December 2019, Stacey and I ended up drinking a few cocktails at Cavan (rip ughhh) on Magazine Street in the most magical city of ours, New Orleans, and she gave me an impromptu reading– I still reference it TWO years later. If you want to give something that’s reallyyyy cool, helpful and mystical-loving-human-ish: booking a reading with Stacey is IT. 🙂 book here (hurry! she books FAST each month).

Everyone knows I adore, One Love Organics, so I can’t *not share*.

As a past Holistic Esthetician, their Vitamin B Enzyme Oil cleanser is good for *everyone*. The end. And it smells like summer-forever-by-the-salty sea ocean air. A+, honestly.


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