The best anti-inflammatory, tropical-vibes CBD smoothie you’ll ever make that doubles your protein intake, help you chill and tells your gut to calm the f*ck down.

A CBD smoothie dosed with the good stuff. We know it’s winter and we don’t suggest downing a ton of iced cold beverages per our Ayurvedic ways of eating *but* sometimes it’s the easiest way to get in the goodness your body needs. We love adding our CBD Elixir to most smoothies, but this one is extra special because we added our Elderberry + Manuka CBD Elixir to this one for extra antioxidants and immune-boosting powers during cold season.

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As a farm growing organic, hand-cultivated and harvested hemp and a brand we’re a bit obsessed with seasonal goodness. We’re avid farmer’s market supporters and love a good blend that our body can really utilize for extra ‘go-power’ in a season that really wears down our immunity. When I was thinking up a seasonal CBD elixir I really didn’t have to think that long because I’m a *huge* fan of elderberry and manuka honey for immune boosting magic. I mix our Elderberry + Manuka Honey CBD Elixir is super small batches, made with North American grown and harvest elderberries, Oritain Certified Manuka Honey, warming spices like ginger + clove- our own, family farm grown hemp CBD. This smoothie checks all the marks of our favorites.

SA ELDERBERRY + MANUKA HONEY CBD ELIXIR •  How does CBD work, exactly? CBD works within our body’s Endocannabinoid System receptors. This is the system that regulates our mind and body’s most complex responses like mood, sleep, nervousness, focus, stress responses and a lot more.

CBD has been shown to help empower anxiety, stress, menstrual crampsinflammatory disorderspain managementpossessing anti-tumor propertiestreating nausea and vomiting, being a neuroprotectant, to helping to combat anxiety and much more. Still canna-curious? Learn more about Soul Addict CBD.

MANGO •  High in vitamin C and vitamin A for a glowing, skin-loving concoction during the winter months.

MANUKA HONEY •  Not just any honey, but a super-powered superfood honey from New Zealand’s native Manuka Bushes. Bees pollinate this special bush to make this special honey that helps soothe digestive issues and build immunity- and much more.

SA Immunity + Glow Mango Magic CBD Smoothie

  •  1 cup of oat milk – we love @oatly and found it’s really the best
  •  2 scoops of @bobsredmill Vanilla Protein – it’s vegan and seriously the best vegan protein we’ve ever tried (that’s saying a lot)
  • 1 dropper of Soul Addict Elderberry + Manuka CBD Elixir for 17 milligrams of organic, whole plant  CBD farmed by us- on our farm in the hills of Western NC 
  •  1 tbsp of ground/grated fresh turmeric – or sub 1 tsp of powered organic turmeric
  • 1 cup of organic frozen mango – I grab a big bag from Trader Joe’s
  •  a little ice!

Blend and get dosed with the good stuff.

Want to add our CBD’s plant magic to your self-care? Our Holidaze Immunity + Glow CBD starter pack is now live, babe. Shop it here!

Author Laura White

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