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How CBD + conscious cannabis consumption can help women feel our best in the bedroom with the big O’s included, every time.

Bow chicka bow wow. The ‘bigggg O’, AKA a new way we can all take some pleasure out of this quarantine we’ve found ourselves in (might as well get it on while we’re indoors). We all want it, and we all seek to feel that with every sexual encounter we get ourselves involved in. Who doesn’t want to feel luscious, juiced up, and hitting climax every time we get intimate (whether with ourselves or with another). It is of major, major importance that we try to keep it cool during this global pandemic, and if sex can be a part of my quarantine experience, I’m in. 

On a personal level, there have been many moments in my sex life where I feel like I’ve been needing more UMPH. Not in terms of my partner, but for my own outer-body moments that I’ve graciously received from the sex gods/goddesses from above before (just not every time). I want that to be a constant thing, and I’ve come to realize that not only is that normal for anyone to want, but that I shouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt for desiring a damn orgasm all the time. Sound like a deal universe?

What’s the ‘pleasure gap’?

We’re in a time more and more women are experiencing less orgasms, feeling more pain during sex, and connecting less with themselves as we live the ever-stressful lives of being humans in 2020. In fact, only 4% of humans with vulvas share that penetration is the most reliable path to orgasm. We should at least be looking for relief from the madness of our schedules in sex, but instead many of us have not been able to do that as much as we would like to. This pulls at my heart-strings, as being intimate with someone else is a straight-up birthright for all of us, yet there are links missing to it. 

One night while in a bath, I was having one of those major existential moments where you question a part of your life over and over while trying to tie together the missing pieces. It came to me that I use cannabis for everything else in life (unwinding at the end of the day, smoking with friends, and to enhance my tastebuds while eating pizza), but never thought of applying it to sex?? 

What the experts are saying about sex + cannabis use.

*Puts research glasses on while wearing those old school PJs you refuse to get rid of* Turns out that medical professionals out there are just as curious as I am about the effects of cannabis on sex. Dr.Michael Eisenberg (a urologist at Stanford Health Care) developed a study titled “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States…” 

Women who consumed THC daily had sex 7.1 times on average (during the past four weeks of study) compared to women who reported having sex only 6 times on average. Men also reported having sex 6.9 times on average more than men who restrained from cannabis use (those guys reported having sex an average of 5.6 times).

The Department of Psych at the University of British Columbia also conducted a study on the correlation of cannabis and women’s libido– the science can’t truly have an end-all for what our favorite plant can do to our inner famine, but it was shown that topicals that were charged with lady cannabis spiked an increase in overall fire and spark for women in the bedroom. Boom baby

image by Sex and The City

CBD is a naturally-occurring molecule found in cannabis.

While we’re at it, don’t forget Hemp and high-THC varieties are both Cannabis. Yep, you heard that right. Only the female plants within the Cannabis species can produce the cannabinoids we know and love so dearly, like CBD and THC. All Soul Addict CBD includes a conscious amount of THC that is within the federal legal limits of .3% THC or lower, so while it won’t get you ‘high’- it has been shown to help us relax into our body more. 

Starting my cannabis + sex journey…

This is something that is extremely exciting for me, as I always feel like I can apply the tremendous amount of benefits of cannabis (both CBD + THC) to every facet of my living existence (but let’s be real, sex is a huge bubbly facet for many of us). While we all still wade in the murky waters of COVID-19, I feel that as a community we can still push the positivity towards one another and that it’s vital to pass on info like this to keep lifting the spirits of the collective. We truly are energetic beings first and foremost, so the more you indulge in pleasure during times of stress, the more that good juju can be passed on to your closest peeps (then the self care energy can radiate amongst our largest communities).  

I’ll keep y’all posted on what testing cannabis + sex together is like in the ‘Cannabis + Sex’ blog post numero dos in the near future, but until then, let’s turn up the spice in our SA community and be vocal about playing with both CBD and THC with our lovers! Stay safe & enjoy your time in as much as possible xx 

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