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CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask

CBD skincare that’s the first of its kind. Welcome to Dosed Beauty.

CBD Manuka Honey for all skin types. A pH-balanced cooling, superfruit and cannabis-infused raw manuka honey face & body mask for glowing, healthy skin and moisture barrier repair. Made with farm-to-face whole foods for our skin (yes it’s edible technically, babe) and the cleanest, organic ingredients for this hydrating and brightening CBD beauty ritual. 

Consciously created for all skin types, even those who are super sensitive and acne-prone. Recommended use is twice a week, gentle enough for daily use. pH-balanced, naturally. 

Ingredients: raw honey, raw manuka honey, hemp flower extract (CBD), organic cold pressed avocado oil, organic peppermint oil, organic camu camu powder, organic ashwagandha root powder

We believe skincare magic is created when sourcing transparency, organic ingredients, and love is infused into the process above all. Each ingredient we use can be traced to the farms we source from and contains mostly organic ingredients when it makes the most sense. Handmade in small batches. 


1 2/3 oz
3 1/3 oz

Welcome to the dosed, clean cannabis beauty revolution. Take a hit and glow.

Beyond just clean beauty, a CBD Manuka Honey skin treatment evolved from superfoods and adaptogens-meets-whole food cannabis skincare.

Created by our founder Laura White, a once-practicing Holistic Esthetician in her 20s, she searched for years for the most potent natural ingredients that could truly heal, hydrate, calm and brighten all at once. This mask was created after 10+ years of her own skincare journey and knowledge to empower true holistic skin health by using Mother Nature’s abundant beautifying plant power.

Nothing else would do— welcome to the clean cannabis beauty revolution.

Clean cannabinoid beauty (and yes, that includes the cannabinoid know as ‘CBD’ from Hemp) is about more than just ‘clean ingredients’— it’s about clean ingredients that work intuitively *with our skin*. Ingredients our skin actually recognizes and can utilize in our skincare ritual. Cannabinoids, the naturally occurring therapeutic molecules found in all cannabis plants, are actually able to penetrate deep within our skin’s layers to create changes in our skin health most beauty ingredients can’t *actually* reach.

Formulated with a base of healing raw, unfiltered honey and powerfully activated Vitamin C powder from organic superfruit Camu Camu for evening skin tone and exfoliation. Moisturizing Oritain Certified Manuka Honey to help promote skin cell renewal, redness calming organic hemp extract and a dash of cooling, peppermint essential. Created to bring back your skin’s natural health & healing- without being stripped of its natural oils from too many harsh ingredients.

What does it do for my skin? 

Brighten: Activated natural Vitamin C powder from the Peruvian superfruit Camu Camu for even complexion and brightening dark spots. Also acts as a naturally gentle, yet powerful, exfoliant that helps brush away dead skin cells and promote skin elasticity. 

Calm: Full-spectrum hemp extract makes our mask an active skincare treatment (*hemp extract is not hemp seed oil, which only moisturizes skin) to help calm redness + irritated and acne-prone skin types, delivering oil-production balance to help repair skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Heal: Raw honey and Oritain Certified Manuka honey create a superpower for our skin when combined with CBD + adaptogens. Manuka honey’s abilities to heal our skin’s surface creates a natural cell renewal star, leaving our skin hydrated and glowing.

Renew: Adaptogenic Ashwagandha stimulates receptors in our skin to create collagen and take back what’s been lost over stress and free radicals. 

Clear: Peppermint and organic avocado oil fight breakout-causing bacteria and soothes sensitive, active skin. Our organic avocado oil does not clog pores as it’s in a raw state in which our skin recognizes and can utilize.

Clean ingredients: Raw unfiltered honey, raw Manuka Honey, organic Camu Camu powder, USA-farmed whole-plant hemp CBD (100mg), organic Ashwagandha root, organic avocado oil, organic peppermint oil

What are people saying about it? 

“I’m obsessed with the mask AND the CBD oil as my moisturizer! I work at my family’s Medical Aesthetics practice and whenever someone asks me about my skin and the products I use, I tell them I SWEAR your oil cleared my acne.” – Devyn, IG handle @devynmccarron

“Tried this for the first time last night and saw *immediate results*!!” – Emma, IG handle @cute_cream_ 

“I am so excited to share it with everyone! It seriously makes my skin feel incredible.” – Carley Schweet of …., IG handle @carley_schweet 

“I’m obsessed with the mask and use it at least twice a week!” – Jules of Jules Jet Sets, IG handle @julesjetsets

“Hands down my favorite face mask. It feels luxurious and I use this one before every photo shoot Manuka Honey has SO many benefits and this tub is enhanced with whole-plant CBD.” – Sara Brinson, Conscious Blogger + Jewelry Designer, IG handle @miss.brinson