The Daily Chill CBD Oil

A CBD you can trust, because you know who grew it. A multi-use full spectrum functional hemp formula made in small batches for daily chill.

Daily Chill CBD Oil 750mg Medium Gravity strength is our most versatile dose option of our multi-use CBD oil. A high dose or lower dose is possible with this formula. It’s perfect for those who are looking to relieve daily stress*, help with sleeping patterns* and is stronger per dose than our Low Gravity 350mg CBD. We suggest this formula the most out of our new line. We say it’s the ‘goldilocks effect’ of all three formulas for most people.


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An easy-to-take dose-minded CBD for you.

The Daily Chill is our Medium Gravity CBD Oil:15 drops (aka: ¼ of a full dropper) equals 12.5 milligrams /OR you can take 1 full dropper which equals 50 milligrams of full spectrum CBD.

What’s inside?

Each bottle is made from our organically-grown hemp farm’s single-source hemp extract and organic certified, cold-pressed Avocado oil to help relax our minds, relieve anxiety, increase our focus, healthily adapt our stress on the daily and lessen our need for stimulants like caffeine.* A potent two ingredient formula, only and always.

An elixir for ingestible and topical daily calm.

The Daily Chill line is both an ingestible to promote daily calm internally and an active skincare topical for optimal skin health. Take sublingually, add to your favorite wellness recipes or apply directly on skin and/or mix with your favorite skincare.