Glow + Smoke Kit

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CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask

CBD skincare that's the first of its kind. Welcome to Dosed Beauty.

CBD Manuka Honey for all skin types. A pH-balanced cooling, superfruit and cannabis-infused raw manuka honey face & body mask for glowing, healthy skin and moisture barrier repair.

Consciously created for all skin types, even those who are super sensitive and acne-prone. Recommended use is twice a week, gentle enough for daily use. pH-balanced, naturally.

1 2/3 oz

Calming Hemp CBD Flower Prerolls (2 pack)

Organically grown hemp CBD flower meets wildcrafted herbs in our lovechild of a product created for our calm, chill bliss. Arguably our favorite product we’ll ever manifest and create. Made with organic, seriously loved-on North Carolina grown CBD flower from hemp and wildcrafted herbs.