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Jim White CBG Hemp CBD Flower

Farm-to-feel good, organically-grown CBD flower harvested by hand with lots of love on our small farm in the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina

we affectionately named this flower Jim White CBG (normally White CBG flower) as a small, loving ode to Laura’s late father, Jim, a big cheerleader in helping us start the farm as a farmer himself- and an insanely talented storyteller, any and every farmer’s market’s biggest fan and a true OG farming connoisseur.

This flower is an indica-heavy hybrid that focuses on the super-calming cannabinoid known as CBG. This high CBG flower has properties that *are often used for sleep and deep relaxation for anxiety and a total nervous system aid. Many people love this hybrid for sleep issues or swapped with their nightly glass of red wine- welcome to the plant-powered way to relax, sans hangovers. Think of this flower like another friend of your BFF melatonin.

  • Potency: 17.4% total cannabinoids (14.7% CBG)
  • Sun-grown, Harvested 2021
  • Good for: night use / those who like a lighter smoke in the day
  • Terpenes: High in Caryophyllene


3.5g (1/8 oz)
14g (1/2 oz)
28g (1 oz)
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