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Calming Hemp CBD Flower Prerolls (2 pack)

Organically grown hemp CBD flower meets wildcrafted herbs in our lovechild of a product created for our calm, chill bliss.

Arguably our favorite product we’ll ever manifest and create. Made with organic, seriously loved-on North Carolina grown CBD flower from hemp and wildcrafted herbs. A thoughtful combination of high-powered organic calming herbs and flowers- Passionflower, Mugwort, Mullein, Chamomile, Rosebuds, Peppermint, to be exact- that work to help enhance hemp CBD flower’s already calming effects on our nervous system. Sit back and relax. 

Feels like: 24/7 access to a chill, sunshine-filled day for your nervous system.

Note, all hemp CBD flower is .3% or below of THC, these will not get you high

Why our team loves them: In the mornings with coffee to chill, anxiety-reducing, period pain relief, sleeping like a unicorn, sub for booze with friends, aphrodisiac + relax before sex. 

Still curious about this product? Read more about our Hemp CBD Flower Prerolls in the ‘Description’ tab below or read more about what exactly CBD is because we love educating you.  Also: Why Smoke CBD? Answered


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A ritual rooted in returning to a natural state of balance.

Why did we create them?

That’s easy. These are our go-to for stressful weeks where we just need to mellow out and find some relief, all the way to a bad period cramping day where we simply can’t be bedridden *in so much pain*. Days where our anxiety is on high and we could use a good night’s rest all the way to just needing a little more ritualistic *me time* with Netflix as your date. They are the perfect pairing for a night in with friends, to relax before sex, or to help you focus in the morning without worry. From farm-to-feel good, you know what goes into each one. You simply won’t find prerolls like this, so that’s why we made them for you.

Why smoke CBD?

We think it’s important to note that while stigma is well and alive in cannabis as a whole, CBD comes from hemp flowers. It’s here CBD is in her natural form and force, the way Mother Nature naturally created. Our Hemp CBD flower is grown and harvested from our very own farm and our partner farms, so this process is truly something we find sacred and beautiful. Secondly, and notably, CBD, when inhaled, is most bioavailable to our system. This means CBD in the form of an inhalent will work stronger and faster than when we ingest a tincture or oil. Those of us looking for a quick relief time from plants we can trust, these babies are golden.

Will these give me a ‘high’ feeling?

Nope, absolutely not. Our CBD prerolls are made from calming whole hemp CBD flower that contains .3% or less of THC, so you will not experience a high feeling.