Suver Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Farm-to-feel good, organically-grown CBD flower harvested by hand with lots of love on our small farm in the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.

Suver Haze is one of the most potent flowers we’ve ever grown when it comes to seeking out a high, high CBD flower. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, we suggest this flower for those seeking a higher, stronger relief and is best for daytime usage or for those tolerant to high dosage cannabis-infused products. If you’re seeking out higher relief, but you don’t necessarily have a high tolerance- that’s okay! We simply suggest you start low and slow (read: one puff, loves!) if you tend to utilize flower for smoking.

Taste and aroma profile is like a mix up of berry resin and Sour Patch Kids candy.

  • Potency: 20.95% total cannabinoids (17.4% CBD)
  • Sun-grown, Harvested 2021 & hand-trimmed, always
  • Good for: daytime use or for those with higher tolerances
  • Terpenes: High in Caryophyllene, Humulene, Pinene, Limonene & Farnesene


3.5g (1/8 oz)
14g (1/2 oz)
28g (1 oz)
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