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The Daily Line Everyday Set

Our entire Daily Line collection to get your CBD oil dose perfect depending on your mood and stress, everyday.

Includes one of each of our Low dose Daily Calm 350+, Balanced dose Daily Chill 750+ and High dose Daily Bliss 1500+ strength. Perfect if you’re looking to access different dosing strengths, daily, depending on your mood. *our Daily Line is pet-friendly and can be given to your pets.

How can I use it best?

We like use our CBD elixir dose-specific new Daily Line for just about everything, and we mean everything. From dosing sublingually to help empower stress & anxiety to sleep and pain-management, adding to coffee/teas/high vibe recipes for extra calming power, using as a calming & potent skincare oil for sensitive skin-types, burn/cut ointment, pet-friendly CBD oil, mocktail/cocktail mixer– and the list goes on. All Soul Addict CBD is made with only *two ingredients* and very *minimally processed* to ensure you see the difference our CBD can create.

Why all three vs. just choosing one within the line that works for me?

With CBD, it always comes down to preference! Some people do prefer to stick with one strength and that works best for them. Others, however, like to have access to different strengths on-the-go for different ways to manage and empower their symptoms. After hearing our community’s feedback on accessing *all three* strengths for different purposes, we gathered the best price point we can swing as a small batch, farm-to-shelf cannabinoid company to bring healing, to you, the way you want it. This collection allows access to your perfect dose, while being cost-transparent-and-friendly.


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An easy-to-take dose-minded CBD for you.

The Daily Calm CBD Oil – Low Gravity: 15 drops (aka: ¼ of a full dropper) equals 5.8 milligrams /OR you can take 1 full dropper which equals 23.2 milligrams of full spectrum CBD.

What’s inside?

Each bottle is made from our organically-grown hemp farm’s single-source hemp extract and organic certified, cold-pressed Avocado oil to help relax our minds, relieve anxiety, increase our focus, healthily adapt our stress on the daily and lessen our need for stimulants like caffeine.* A potent two ingredient formula, only and always.

An elixir for ingestible and topical daily calm.

The Daily Line is both an ingestible to promote daily calm internally and an active skincare topical for optimal skin health. Take sublingually, add to your favorite wellness recipes or apply directly on skin and/or mix with your favorite skincare.