Eeek, so it’s gotten to that point. A majority of us are now officially mandated to work from home and process these new changes/emotions that have suddenly taken us to a whole new world, both internally and externally. A new office scene (my kitchen counter), learning how to navigate work alongside my partner in our apartment, trying not to blow through my snacks, and taming my sometimes rapid thoughts about how the future will unfold.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through the ups and downs of figuring out this new life by trying various methods. This current way of being is a serious, serious teacher. I may be too woo woo, but besides the lessons and tests I’ve passed from the universe, karma, and spirit guides, Coronavirus really seems to hit me differently. Although my heart bursts for so many humans being negatively affected by this pandemic, I’m trying my best to stay in the gratitude lane because this forced time indoors has really shown me what I’m capable of. Not in the way of being capable of juggling it all out, but being capable of being open and transparent on my own internal shit.

It’s so easy to not pay attention to the internal ickiness that builds up over time, but this quarantine really has me hearing those underlying thoughts that might not be the nicest. What has this whole thing brought up for me without the typical distractions? I shame myself a lot more than I thought (on all levels). I compete with myself to try to stay up on the latest info, attend all the IG Lives, and reach out to those who are being hurt the most. On the other side of competitiveness, I can also get super lazy and unmotivated (especially on day 4 of wearing sweats). The more I try to do to keep myself from looking inwards, the more exhausted I feel. It’s an everlasting battle of balance, but I’m choosing to see all of this from an elevated viewpoint.  

To every situation in life, there is truly an equal motion of light and dark. Just as the sun rises, it also has the organic ability to fall. Nature is a beautiful replication of the ebb and flow of what life actually is. With this in mind, I see COVID-19 as the storm before the rainbow (at least I’m trying to ha). Spending time indoors has given me both moments of frustration as well as pure joy. To help bring out the sun in this situation, here are a few things that have helped me with this transition. 

Going for walks! I’m beyond thankful to be able to take some time away from screens during the day and put on a podcast while enjoying nature. Although it’s not the same with social distancing, it still allows me to ground, refresh, and unplug (even just for 20 minutes). 


Online yoga- my favorite (and free) digital resource on the planet!! From what I’ve learned the past couple of weeks, movement is essential. Not only does moving the body to create space internally but also allows the other areas of your life to form some flexibility as well. Yoga with Adriene has SO many amazing videos on her YouTube channel. I’ve been practicing at home with her for years and her beautiful yet human essence is what keeps attracting me to her content. You can truly transform any space you have into your own personal yoga studio (hence my makeshift yoga studio/living room situation going on below). 


Cooking up some new recipes (actually looking things up instead of throwing leftovers together in a pan). I love food, and luckily my partner enjoys eating as much as I do. This has honestly been such a beautiful time for us to get away from it all, enjoy each other’s presence, and build something really lovely from scratch together. Highly highly recommend trying a new dish (or better yet, baking a sweet treat with our Hemp CBD Elixir)! 



Sticking to a morning ritual- key key key. I’ve worked remotely for the past couple of years, but have never really put much effort into an actual consistent routine in the mornings (besides showering and eating). Lately, I get up an hour or so earlier than my love, clean up our living room space, light candles, and burn some incense. I drink my lemon water with chlorella while basking in the silence. There’s really something so pure and unique about being alone in the wee hours of the morning. After I settle into my mind and body, I’ve cultivated enough fresh energy to start tackling work tasks. It’s medicine I tell ya!!



Taking pauses throughout the day (simple). For me, it starts with leaving my phone in another room while I do something else. It’s a little hack I’ve learned since being in this quarantine that really helps me focus on what is literally right in front of me. I’m so much more mindful when making tonics, cleaning dishes, or even putting oil on my face when I don’t have notifications going off. Instead of moving from one thing to the next (aka the to-do list), try to think of how you can pause with each task or duty.  Below is my bookshelf and I keep SA prerolls next to my books to set the intention to really relax into my body while stimulating my mind with a good read. Really really helpful during this time!



Supporting local businesses (particularly women-led or women-owned)! This one really warms me up. Besides saving money for extra food in the kitchen and stocking up on essentials, I’ve been feeling really fucking good when I purchase something from a small biz that needs help. Or even buying gifts for others during this so it works as a win-win! Tapping into supporting others has been tremendously positive for me- growing that community connection even from the inside of your home is what really makes a difference in the collective. SA has been amazed with the amount of support given during this crazy time, and I’m SO thankful for our beautiful little community. 



There’s no right way to approach how you handle all of the commotion going on in the world. We are all so new to this that it might take time to really come into our own and find that stable equilibrium. You might be doing things completely different than me to help ease yourself into staying indoors, and that is perfectly okay!! May this time inside (both figuratively and literally) be the most beneficial thing for you. May this time help guide you to a deeper place, a deeper community, and a deeper awareness of what you do, think and say on the daily. The feelings remain weird as we take this day-by-day, but the inner growth can continue to rise as we all reach for a helping hand in some way or another. 

As always, sending all the love and health to you. Stay strong SA community


Sierra, Brand & Partnerships Manager




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