It’s already beyond mid-January and we’re so excited to start off the new year with this month’s Soul Addict Muse; Stacey Sexton. Our first impression of her was a lot like this: An essential oil Goddess, workshop host, Reiki Practitioner and a seriously down-to-Earth Mama (clearly her favorite role). Did we mention she puts Kombucha in a wine glass? A wine glass! A girl after our own heart.

Her energy just spoke volumes and after a call on a breezy, New Orleans Fall day talking about plant medicine, a shared love of New Orleans, women and our relationship to anxiety, balancing Motherhood, and naming aligned favorite wellness brands- we knew she was one of our favorite people. What’s been one of the most ground-breaking aspects of our brand is the open dialogue between women and how we’re feeling. What has helped us and our wellness, what didn’t work, what we’ve tried, what we haven’t, and the journey we’ve been on thus far. It’s a powerful conversation each and every time we connect with someone new. Hands-down one of the most magical aspects of SA at this point is how we’re creating honest conversations so openly about women and our relationship to anxiety and stress. Along the way since that first call, Stacey has shared how our CBD has helped her own experience with anxiety and we’re so grateful that she’s a part of our growing Soul Addict tribe. Speaking of, a de-stressing Hot Cacao CBD latte might even be in your wine glass sooner than later after following her.

On instagram we adore your name (half healthy Mom!) but tell us who you are beyond social?

Hey! My name is Stacey Sexton and I’m southern-raised, but now call the DC area home with my family. I am a mama, essential oil educator, and workshop leader. I spent several years in my 20’s dealing with anxiety fueled by Adrenal Fatigue, and then a rough postpartum experience after the birth of my first. All of that organically sent me down the path to the work I do today. My biggest joy is the community I build around self-care and helping women reclaim themselves in motherhood. It’s a beautiful chapter of life, but one we can a lot of times get lost within, both physically and emotionally. And this world so needs mamas who shine, not who are struggling day after day.

Let’s get woo-woo for a minute. How do you embrace wellness in a crazy world?

My road to wellness has definitely evolved. I once thought it was about restriction: cutting calories, omitting foods, and that there was no way in hell looking good and being healthy could possibly be enjoyable. When I shifted the focus to feeling good versus fitting in a pair of jeans, that’s when it clicked. I began adding practices to my life, versus taking things out. I’m very intentional with my morning, too. Most days start with dance parties with my kiddos in the kitchen, diffusing beautiful essential oils that uplift my mood instantly, indulging with a yummy cup of herby, adaptogen goodness (sometimes with my SA CBD oil). And of course, making space for meditation and prayer either first thing in the morning or during nap time. This is the launching pad for me to make healthier choices throughout my day.

As a busy Mom, what brought you to begin exploring hemp-sourced CBD as a self-care ritual?

Six months post-baby has proved to be the tipping point for me. It’s happened twice now that I just start to get run down, and I notice a shift emotionally. This time around, I felt anxiety start to settle in again, and instead of letting my body get swallowed into Adrenal Fatigue — something that inspired this holistic shift for me years ago — I wanted to take advantage of all the goodness Mother Nature had to offer. A mutual instagram friend suggested I look into CBD oil (thanks, Tiff over at Hippy Supply!) as another means to help find my zen. Needless to say, I’m very grateful for the internet sometimes 😉

We’re focusing in on empowering women’s health through CBD products. How do you think this helps women to re-shift their views on our space?

I love seeing women leading the wellness movement and opening up the conversation to more than just food and exercise. Wellness is all about supporting the mind-body connection, and knowing that we deserve to feel damn good every day. I think women understand really well that we have to support the emotional self just as much as the physical aspects of our health. Laura gets all of this and is just such a beautiful advocate for women taking care of themselves and connecting like-minded souls also on similar missions. And while she reaches women everywhere, I personally think it’s awesome Soul Addict has its roots in my sorta-hometown of New Orleans.

Being a Mama is a 9 to 9 job. What’s your favorite way to add our CBD Elixir when you’re feeling stressed?

Most days I take the full dose twice: once in the morning straight under my tongue or in my morning drink, and then again in the early evening before “witching hour” with the kiddos. By now, I know that holistic goodies work best proactively. So if I start utilizing my arsenal before I’m stressed out, things go even better. I’ll never understand why kids and babies have it out for us between the hours of 4-7pm, but they do. And because I don’t want to drink wine to stay calm or “numb out”, I load up on CBD and some calming essential oils. Then I’m a totally different mama; I’m happy and so are they.

What’s something you’re most excited about when thinking about the relationship between women and plant medicine?

The most exciting part is seeing that it’s truly becoming mainstream! Integrative medicine is really taking off…and this is why one of my missions is to continue demystifying and educating on holistic options, too. A lot of women are interested, they just don’t know where to start. But people are waking up and realizing that for day-to-day proactive wellness, Mother Nature has a pretty well-stocked list of solutions for us that work! From what I’m seeing, people who aren’t open to these options are truly becoming the minority these days.

We’re love sharing rituals. Current top 3 favorites for self-care?

I know self-care is much more than pampering, but for me, it’s one of my love languages. More than anything, it’s how I create space for myself. And as a sun in Sagittarius, my mind and my body crave freedom, so this is how this mama finds hers…

  • Morning adaptogen drink. For my adrenal glands’ sake, I cut coffee out. At first, this felt like the biggest tragedy, but I am obsessed with whipping up these healthy potions each morning. A warm morning drink is sacred grounds for me. I change up my drink often, but do add SA CBD Elixir sometimes (or I just take straight)! You can see some of the recipes on my instagram @halfhealthymom.


  • Moving my body. Some of my most clear thinking comes during a workout or meditation. Lately, I’ve been doing some Kundalini yoga classes at home and they transform my day. It’s powerful stuff, and although I’m still so new to this type of practice, I love the calm yet joyful energy it allows me harness.


  • Bath soak. Small tub or big tub, doesn’t matter. I’m still taking a bath over a shower. I fill it up with pink Himalayan salts, Epsom salts, essential oils, rose water and enjoy for at least 15 minutes. It’s good for emotional cleansing and gentle detox work, so I just make sure to drink plenty of water after.


Thank you, Stacey, for sharing with us! A quick note that we’d love to hear your thoughts and create engaging conversation here on The SA Muse. Feel free to share your thoughts, we’d all love to connect!


All the love + light to everyone today,

xx SA

p.s. a fascinating article on women and our relationship to being more prone to anxiety

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