We’ve all heard tidbits of the current biggie illness running around (ahem coronavirus) that has caused us all to take inventory of how we can further promote the health and longevity of our precious immune system. To me, the absolute best first action to take during a global epidemic such as this is to not panic. Repeat, don’t panic.

The ferocious chaos that comes with overthinking and analyzing a contagious virus can truly be an illness itself. The power of our thoughts combined with the almighty fear of the collective can cause havoc on our mental capacity, which takes direct action on our physical bodies (let alone our overall state of well-being). To help ease your soul into feeling nurtured on all levels as Spring approaches, here are some of my favorite immune-boosting tips for keeping your cells feeling cleansed and supa’ fresh. And yes, of course, we included the multidimensional adaptogen we’re known and loved for: CBD!

1) The Vibrational Power of Raw Manuka Honey

Mmm, just thinking about this raw ooey-gooey pot of gold warms my heart in so many ways (I literally feel my immune system smile when I take a spoonful daily). It’s truly known as one of the most unique forms of honey and has an incredible amount of benefits- usually known for it’s major anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that can give your body a toasty hug when you’re feeling down. My favorite way to get my manuka honey in is with our Elderberry + Manuka Honey CBD Elixir!

Not only are you receiving the richness of this honey, but it’s paired with the immune system powerhouse/plant friend Elderberry which creates a luscious remedy for cold and flu season. Easy peezy to put in smoothies, coffee, baked goods, and honestly just right under the tongue is great too.  PS- we will only have these for a limited time, so make sure to grab yours before we run out this month!

(image by Anthropologie for Dr. Singha’s)

2) Mustard Baths

I’m notorious for junking out on finding all the ancient remedies for, well, just about anything. When it comes to feeling any bit of illness coming on (especially cold symptoms) I grab my canister of rich yellowy powder out of the remedy cabinet and dive into a steamy bath of Ayurvedic goodness (while also feeling like a damn Ayuverdic goddess). The big mama ingredient is mustard seed, known for decreasing stress, aiding in detoxification, and overall increasing blood flow. Highly recommend if you are a bath lover such as myself and want to dip your toes into a mind-altering state of freshness.

3) Pranayama

I didn’t discover the high consciousness that comes with breathwork until recently (making me wish that I started this ages ago). It started with a YouTube rabbit hole search for “yoga for when you’re sick” and led me to find out that your breath can be an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to internal balance (especially for your immune and nervous systems). One of my favorite YouTube yogi channels (that I follow religiously) is “Yoga With Adriene” where I discovered Pranayama videos for the first time ever. I often find myself creating spirals of worry and anxiety when even the slightest symptom comes up- thoughts of missing work, not catching up on my to-do list, slipping up on my daily routines, etc. Pranayama has been key for me to chill tf out with these spirals and hopefully taking in a breathwork practice can help you if you have anxiety towards COVID.

4) Herbal Steams

An ole’ trick from my family lineage that has given my nostrils peace of mind (and moisture) over the years- especially having sinus issues during the cold and flu season. I feel like many holistic go-to’s can seem complicated and intimidating if you don’t consider yourself an herbally connoisseur. Not the case my friends! Simply get a bowl of bulk herbs that make you feel warm and cozy- some of my personal favorites are rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender flowers (feel free to pick up at a natural store or your local supermarket). Next, add hot piping water to your herbs and place a towel over your head while your nose takes in that rejuvenating steam. Not only beneficial for your stuffy nose but also fantastically clearing for your skin. Winner winner chicken dinner (or bomb tofu if meat isn’t your thing).

5) Broth, Broth, Broth

Bone broth has been my wellness + immune-supporting ally for the past year now and I still rave about it every single day to anyone who is curious about this nourishing and nurturing elixir. Filled with immaculate minerals, vitamins, protein, and good juju, this is my absolute go-to above any other tea or liquid when the sniffles arrive. For all my non-meat eaters out there, there are plenty of options when it comes to vegan/veggie broth. Consistently taking in liquids is one of the best things you can do to reboot your system, but adding in the extras of a broth is like getting free shipping on top of a killer online sale. And if you’re indeed vegan, we really love this no-bone broth recipe Cap Beauty!


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