We all want to enjoy calm, chill bliss. Welcome to The Daily Dose, where we are having an honest conversation about what we’re doing, as womxn- and all- to make our life “work”. We believe the idea of ‘balance’ is just that, an idea. Our lives are much more complicated than that filled with love, joy, rage, indifference, sadness, happiness and being a human in 2019 is well, beautifully complex. So how do we empower those emotions? We will be featuring womxn and men incorporating cannabis into their everyday rituals and routines with the hopes of educating, inspiring self-empowerment and destigmatizing the use of CBD and cannabis. Soul Addict is a safe space to share, chill and be ourselves without judgment. Cheers to this new series, we hope you enjoy. xx The SA team

Hi all! My name is Liz and I am the Founder + CEO of Hawaii-based Adaptogenic Wellness Company, Laka Living. I currently live on the island of Kauai’i and operate business and life from here. I live with my boyfriend on the South Shore of the island and we are expecting our first little one later this (hot) summer. 

7 am – I am making my Laka Matcha latte (spiked with all the things) and starting the day slow and quiet with a chance* of meditation – a huge shift compared to what the previous 3 years of my life were like. Up until this last December when I found out I was pregnant – my mornings were far from gradual and grounded! I would let my naturally high cortisol levels take the lead every morning and just blaze through my days! I guess that is the curse of the entrepreneur. No matter how tired you go to bed the night before – you always wake up wanting to go.

9 am – These days – You’ll either find me eating a light breakfast at this point, swimming, walking, or doing light yoga. HIIT box if I am feeling good. Totally dependent on my workload and how I am feeling, though, as 8 months pregnant is NO JOKE a huge physically limiting factor.

Noon – Full blown work mode. Chatting with my team, managing production at our mainland facilities, creating content, figuring out how to get creative with the little start up money we have to work with in the bank….probably thinking about lunch and/or my afternoon iced Laka Matcha spiked with some of our Drips. 🙂

4 pm – Getting ready to shoot content for next weeks email marketing, IG, bi-weekly website updates, etc. The light is getting good around this point in my studio-office. I also feel super creative and charged this time of the day. Oh, I also may be napping with my kitty as again, pregnancy tiredness is no joke. 

6:30pm – Eating dinner – I stay true, even during pregnancy, to my ‘Salad For Dinner’ philosophy. It is truly my evening meditation tossing plants of all kinds, shapes, textures, and flavors together and pairing it with a magical dressing. Like, who doesn’t love just gorging on plants in the evening as an end-of-day reward? As I take each bite, I out-loud declare “I fucking LOVE being healthy. It feels so good to be HEALTHY.” I swear it totally stimulates my bodies ability to digest, absorb, and eliminate. I love spiking my salad dressings with our Drips! My favorites are Super Shroom Drip, Tahini C, and Entrepreneurs Guap Almond Butter that has 15mg Soul Addict CBD per serving. All three of these make the perfect substitute for adding tons of oil to the dressings.

9 pm – Well, I try and get to bed by 8:30…but around 8-9 is when I do all of my minimal skin care routines. Before I shower – I dry brush my skin and brush my hair so that my shampoo + conditioner  sink deep into the folicles (I am not going to tell you what brand I use because, honestly, it’s not sustainable and probably horrible for my hair but it’s the one thing I just can’t give up!). I use May Lindstroms Clean Dirt 2x week for a gentle face scrub, and no matter what I always follow up my shower with: In Fiore Oil Cleanser then toner, Herbivore Botanicals Cloud Creme, Guasha my face to detox the lymph, and use head-to-toe unscented body lotion followed by a deep plant oil infused with some CBD, Lavender essential oil, and Eucalyptus essential oil – going heavy on the belly, boob, and butt area! 

Next I get my boyfriend to wet-brush my hair in bed and usually read and watch baby kick for 25 minutes before it’s lights out!

TBH, my pregnancy Cannabis relationship is much different than my un-pregnant Cannabis practice. Although I ride the edge and judge my intuition over someone’s recommendation most times, both my doctors and my midwives have suggested I hold off on using any form of Cannabis during pregnancy. Then again, I have some friends who brag they smoked bowls on the nightly their entire term and their babies are happy as ever! So I keep my CBD intake to a minimal, opting for topical application or dosing super light. I haven’t even dabbled with THC while pregnant. I honestly stopped using THC a couple years ago for the most part, unless I really need to get to sleep, as it just makes me extremely weird and eventually I fall asleep. Totally not a cool person to roll a doobie with. Can’t really hang on THC! But I have used CBD for years to help increase the effects of my favorite stimulants – tequila, mold-free coffee, Matcha, and Cacao – as well as help my body manage it’s inflammation and anxiety. I eat extremely conscious and clean, but running a business on top of being a fitness instructor and workout addict totally dished me out my share of inflammation/anxiety/stress. CBD without a doubt is legit at keeping it at bay. 

I believe in the power of Cannabis and what it can do to help us transcend some limiting beliefs that hold us back, simply because it settles us into ourselves. Also, if there is an entire system within us that is receptive to this plant – it is part of God’s plan. 

Use in the right way, and combined with the right foods/nutrients, I believe Cannabis is transformative to 95% of our populations health. It’s all about finding the right strain, the right dose, and the right application of it. Oh, PS. My favorite application is oil under the tongue straight up!

Find me @lakaliving or on our website www.lakaliving.com – see you in Adapted Paradise! Soul Addict community gets 10% off all Laka order when you use code ‘LAKALOHA10’ at checkout. Happy adapting, babes!

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