Welcome to The Daily Dose, where we are having an honest conversation about what we’re doing, as womxn- and all- to make our life “work” using powerful rituals in our daily life. We believe the idea of ‘balance’ is just that, an idea. Our lives are much more complicated than that filled with love, joy, rage, indifference, sadness, happiness and being a human in 2019 is well, beautifully complex. So how do we empower those emotions? We will be featuring womxn and men incorporating cannabis into their everyday rituals and routines with the hopes of educating, inspiring self-empowerment and destigmatizing the plant in all her forms. Soul Addict is a safe space to share, chill and be ourselves without judgment. Cheers to this new series, we hope you enjoy. xx The SA team

Hi, hello there, hey. Sara here and I’m honored to be sharing a bit about myself, my routine & my exploration within the world of cannabis.

Sara Brinson Design

I currently live in Denver, Colorado and I continue to spend a good bit of time in my homeland, Asheville, North Carolina.  I am an artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a slave to slow fashion and a gangster of love. My Denver domain is a carriage home in which I solo nest. This accommodation is extra adorable due to the fact that the tree in the backyard has filled out and spilled over the railing onto the porch giving it those whimsical treehouse vibes. Here I share a backyard with Cassie (one bad mamma jamma) & her charming little family.  When I’m trading my rocky mountains in for the ones with the blue ridge in AVL, I stay in Brinsonland. This is the land on which my father and my fathers’ father laid their roots, nestled just a mile or so away from the land my mother & my mothers’ mother laid their roots. This place is my medicine. It’s here where I clear my head & feed my soul. It is here where I reroot. You may be wondering what it is I do to get the best of both worlds, and it’s ALMOST  a simple answer.

As of this past month, I have begun a new career adventure exploring & sharing my passion projects with the world. Right now I’m heavy into the fiber arts, which I sell. I’ve been creating wall hangings & statement earrings that I twirl from extra special yarns my dearest mother has collected over the years. When I’m teaching creative workshops, I assist others in activating their right side brain & sometimes even reaching a meditative state by working with their hands. (I’m really into helping people reach their zen.) 

Another way I support myself through creative expression is by styling photo shoots for artists & small businesses. Occasionally I even dress women in the wild. I do this with the intention of connecting consumers to local shops so that more purposeful purchases can be made. Another example of how I’m able to support myself by spreading the small business word is through the use of my discount codes. If you see something that you like & you purchase that something through me, I’ll receive a kickback. The codes are what help the businesses know that I’m the one who sent you. These are a few of the things I do to earn a living, and a few examples of how you can support me while I follow my hearts’ true desires. 


Laura asked me to do an hour by hour break down of my day. It pains me to do anything in the same order every day so here is a break down of the things I do get to that keep me sane

I prioritize these things because I notice it affects my overall mental health & productivity.  I don’t wake or slumber at any particular time. I enjoy it when I rise with the sun, but I also enjoy it when I find myself dancing all night with the moonlight. No matter what hours I keep, proper sleep always wins but these details stay the same. 

My A.M. rituals: How I start my day

The moment I wake up before I put on my make-up I try my best to say a lot of really nice things to myself to set the tone for the day & then I make my bed almost as soon as I get out of it. If I don’t, I’ll get right back in & that’ll be the end of THAT. 

  • I’m trying really hard not to check my phone first thang, but that’s a new battle.  My father does send myself & the rest of his girls (my mother, two sisters & my nieces that are twins) a morning motivation every damn day,  rain or shine. At least when I inevitably reach for my phone, the first thing that I see is a pop of positivity. (thank ya diddy) The messages are almost always quotes that mean something to him. They are always inspiring, always from the heart, but never ever the same. 
  • This is when I would drink up some variation of water. My go-to is warm lemon water in which sometimes I throw in some ginger. If I don’t have either of these things, I try to down at least one glass of water before I eat or drink anything else. This helps me throughout my day for boatloads of reasons.  I end my evening the same way, typically with a tea, or a glass of water.  
  • Let’s be serious here, I bathe & shampoo my hair as needed but I always always always address my face. I start with an oil cleanser, and while I let that soak in, I do a bit of tidying up around the house. It helps get my juices moving while I make sure all the thangs are mise en place.* 

         *mise en place :: this is a French term I’m familiar with due to some chef friends.  I believe that it can be applied to almost all things. It means “everything in place”. When you’re all set up for what’s at hand, it allows you the freedom to more freely flow. 

  • When I wash my cleanser off, I use a witch hazel toner. *This is when I would use the cbd honey mama manuka mask.*  I’ll  apply, sit for 20ish min. massage in & rinse it off, spray with rosewater, add some spf (don’t forget the sunscreen) and top with an oil moisturizer. ( I live in CO, it’s hella dry out here, so all the oils, all the time ). Psst! You can use code ‘blisswithsara20’ for 20% off SA’s mask. 🙂

My mid-morning rituals

This is usually when I consume one of my daily cannabis doses. I take a perfectly concocted potion of thc & cbd in almost always equal parts ratio to begin the brand new day. 

  • I’ve found that this balance of the two most effectively helps ease my pains & calm my mind to help elevate my connection to my energetic body before I transition into a more work-focused mindset. The order in which I consume the two depends on the way I’m feeling that day. I take this same cannabis combo when I’m settling down for the evening. I sleep much better when I’m connected to my mind & my body before it’s time to get that shut-eye. 
  • I always make time to crank the tunes. Whether it be while riding my bike or walkin’ a walk. During yoga or dancing it out. Bumpin in my car or simply on my way to nowhere. Always music in the mornings. Always music at night. Ya know, if you lay the girl a track, she’ll find a way to her groove. I move it or lose it every single day, whether it’s to music, or silently for a more traditional meditative manor. 

My ‘in-between’ rituals

These are the hours in which  I get my work done. The hours in which I send my emails, network or teach. This is the time I create, collaborate & listen. Basically, I do all things work-related or educational during these hours and this looks new &  exciting every single day. 

Side note: Weaving in time for the people I care about is also essential to my days. I try my best to find time to keep up with the people I’ve made connections with & the people who’ve taken the time to get to know me better. 

My favorite ways I incorporate Soul Addict CBD into my day

  • I use a dose of the hemp cbd elixir in the mornings & in the evenings. I do dose daily because I’ve noticed this is the way I witness the best results. On days I need the extra boost to bliss, I’ll dose throughout the day as needed. If I had to choose one SA product that I simply couldn’t live without, this’d hands down be it. 
  • Premium hemp cbd pre-roll this is without a doubt my FAVORITE product of all of them.  If I have them on hand, I prefer to use them in the evening when I’m ready to unwind OR if I’m chillin with friends who are participating in the ole’ alcohol.  This past year I kicked the booze, so when I get down with friends who are drinking, lighting one of these up gives me a feeling that I’ve had before. I like it & I don’t feel any of that fucking terrible FOMO. 
  • Cbd honey mama manuka mask  :: I try to take a hit of this when I’m in the need of an extra glow. Usually, before I’m doing a photoshoot, or if getting ready to see someone special.  

While I was trying to put all of this into words, I spoke about my morning routine with many friends and lovely people I’ve met around town. What I comprehended is that mindset is everything. Taking the time to do these things for yourself REALLY CAN have an effect on your attitude, and the outcome of your day & overall wellness. Take the time for self-care. The more you love yourself, the more open you are to love & the more love you have to give. 

xo Sara

Thank you, Sara. You are truly such a light Earthside and we love your openness around this beautiful plant.


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