We all want to enjoy calm, chill bliss. Welcome to The Daily Dose, where we are having an honest conversation about what we’re doing, as womxn- and all- to make our life “work”. We believe the idea of ‘balance’ is just that, an idea. Our lives are much more complicated than that filled with love, joy, rage, indifference, sadness, happiness and being a human in 2019 is well, beautifully complex. So how do we empower those emotions? We will be featuring womxn and men incorporating cannabis into their everyday rituals and routines with the hopes of educating, inspiring self-empowerment and destigmatizing the use of CBD and cannabis. Soul Addict is a safe space to share, chill and be ourselves without judgment. Cheers to this new series, we hope you enjoy. xx The SA team 

I’m Solonje Burnett, Co-Founder and Cannavist at Humble Bloom. I reside in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. About a year ago I made the decision to move from startups and consulting in events + workplace culture (read: diversity, equity, and inclusion work + producing a wide variety of events) to cannabis. Under a new moon in April, the seeds of intention to create an intersectional community in cannabis were planted with my co-conspirator Danniel Swatosh. We believe this multifaceted plant is a green ally for healing.


At Humble Bloom, we collaboratively curate the culture of cannabis, breaking stigma, elevating brands with integrity, forging partnerships with thought leaders and experts, providing consultative support to humanize growing brands, and connecting diverse communities through plant education, advocacy and inclusive immersive experiences. We’re using cannabis as a conduit to connect disparate groups on topics like race, sexuality, vulnerability, wellness, consumption, mass incarceration, farming, sustainability, and more.

I’m out a lot. This summer has been one where I feel like I’ve taken social to another level. Between attending + hosting events, speaking on panels, attempting to stay connected to friends, and recently joining the dating world – nights that go into the morning have become pretty commonplace. Real talk: Hot girl summer babies!

That said, my average day begins around 8 AM checking emails, calendar, social media, and all the things they advise you not to do first thing in the morning. Then I treat my face to a variety of delish CBD products. My first dose happens during showertime. Since I’m in New York, I don’t really have the option to use THC products. I begin by cleansing using Lab to Beauty’s CBD Balancing Face Wash. On the weekend, I do Soul Addict’s CBD Honey Mama Manuka Face Mask. Every day I use Saint Jane’s beauty serum which contains 20 different botanicals and follow up with Kiskanu’s face oil which I have been a fangirling since the beginning of my canna beauty journey.

After I’ve selected the ensemble, I continue by covering my naturally dry skin (my family is from the Carribean so rejects colder climates) and hair with a variety of oils like Glow from CRUDE. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil and CocoCanna is a dream for my extra dry spots. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just like to lightly enhance my eyes and lips so being introduced to Saint Jane’s microdose lipgloss was top. I never leave home without it.

If not working from home, by around 10AM I’m out the door after a hit of some Rosebud Sativa from my Stonedware pipe (gifted at Broccoli Mag’s In Bloom Festival) and on my way to either a local coffee shop or the Assemblage NoMad to work. I’m a Sativa diva and adore Rosebud’s Vale Vale for the energy boost. By noon I dive into a matcha (or turmeric latte) dosed with TONIC’s Bare to assist with focus. We have a residency and curate content at the Assemblage which is a the place to get your conscious entrepreneur work-life on. If in NYC and interested in learning more, book a tour and use the code BLOOMING.

After meetings and calls around 6 PM, if heading back to Brooklyn I stop by Lucas Lucas gallery in Williamsburg to visit my girl Stacie Lucas. Her space was the container for Shaw.’s launch last July where our cannabis community really started to take root. I moderated a panel on womxn in the industry and the war on drugs featuring EstroHaze, Cannabis Cultural Association, TONIC, and MARY Magazine. We puff and catch up over a glass of wine before it’s on to the evening’s social engagements. Throughout the evening I mix CBD and THC for the calm I need to traverse New York City’s intense vibes.

On the late late intimacy tip, I’ve been using Quim’s Happy Clam. If you’ve never experienced a cannabis enhanced orgasm, sister now is the time! Get your vaginal self-care on. Activate those receptors.

Now for the reflection. I’m not into edibles because of the decreased bioavailability score and lack of control of what’s really in them (unless it’s a beautiful supper club-style event). I’m an OG purist when it comes to consumption. I want to know exactly what I’m putting on or in my body. Whether packed with sugars, coloring, or additives, so most edibles are in the grey zone for me. They are also slow to absorb so I’d rather smoke flower, drink an herbal tea like Kikoko, and of course slather it all over my skin!

This was such an interesting exercise to examine my daily cannabis usage and see how I’ve integrated it beyond recreation to help with focus, energy, anxiety, sexuality and beauty. I also realize that all the brands I use are independent US-based womxn owned small businesses. At Humble Bloom, we practice what we preach. Let’s bloom consciously and support growing businesses.

Follow me and HB on instagram and facebook at @solonjeburnett @humblebloomco as well as at humblebloom.co. Thanks for reading!

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