How we started

2017 - Laura started producing 100% CBD-infused raw cacao edibles in her tiny kitchen off Freret Street in New Orleans, LA, delivering them to a small, but mighty client list that began to grow (by word of mouth and how much they helped people!)– so she took the leap and started SA from a “side hustle” to IRL brand.

2018 - SA’s beginnings were humble, but by 2018 our brand name grew nationally and we were accepted into the Hemp Pilot Program in North Carolina, where Laura grew up on a 112 acre farm in the “middle of nowhere, somewhere”. and so, we moved the brand to NC to begin growing vertically for the entire SA cannabinoid line. Max went from COO of a nonprofit in New Orleans to FT plant magician on SA’s hemp farm. It was a magical time in our brand history!

2019 - a wild year for us as we were one of the first female-founded and majority woman-owned + led CBD brands to expand vertically (ie: growing our own hemp for our entire product line) in the industry, we were in top big box retailers like Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters and you can shop SA in over 70 stores nationwide. We grew over 5 acres of organic hemp with partners in LA and learned so much about ourselves and the beauty of Mama Earth.

2020 - the year no one saw coming, but we healed, we grew into a 3500 sq ft warehouse for our shipping operations and we navigated running a small business + hemp farm when everything…well, crashes. we built new online community , we started partnering with more hemp farms in our area on our products and leaned into the power of believing in a biz so much you’re just crazy enough to hold onto it. ;)

2021 to now - “on the other side”- this was our year of “restart” and back to our OG principles of conscious business growth in the canna industry, because ya’ll, shit got crazy as new molecules like Delta-8 got popular, but that’s a whole other story…

This was the beginning of our “what’s next” for a brand that was in the beginning of the “CBD craze” that we always tried to educate away from because *all cannabinoids* are special, not just CBD. While we are proudly still a licensed hemp farm, most of our raw hemp flowers we use in our line we formulate here in NC come from local farms we love, know personally and wanna’ support! We choose quality and local farm support, above all, for our line.

Where education has and continues to be few and far between in Cannabis, we want SA to be the transparent brand and a continuous trusted source of education and unmatched product quality, always. We are committed to this plant and believe in its power, so our goal is to continue SA in the way you’ve come to know, love and trust– while staying true to our humble beginnings of education, allyship, sustainability and crafting conscious cannabinoids that help us to feel better in our feelings.

The rest we know will take care of itself.
Big love from team SA