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Our Farm

If there’s one thing we’ve learned starting our farm- it’s that not all CBD is created equal. We grow our own medicinal hemp right here in the rolling mountains of Western, NC. Non-intoxicating & extracted using only the purist process with CO2 oil extraction.

Consciously Crafted

We believe in the power of plant medicine that’s consciously grown, hand-harvested & crafted. Our products are naturally made with 100% whole-plant, full-spectrum extracts for a potent daily wellness elixir.

Plant Magic

A gift of liquid zen from Mother Nature to help our mind, body and soul. From our farm to your feel good. We are majority woman-owned & organic small family farm-grown. Calm, chill bliss you can feel good about.

Beyond CBD

We’re not your average CBD company. Heighten your mood, renew your vibration with our true whole-plant CBD
Our proprietary blend of organic hemp extract and cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil

Liquid Zen

Our elixirs are created from the wonder-food plant-based power of hemp extract for emotional balance, wellness, and beauty. Our full-spectrum hemp elixirs are for those seeking a calm-enhancing + antioxidant mixer that can be taken daily, day or night, for total self-care and relaxation. One of nature’s most magical plants, in a bottle.