CBD Vanilla Whipped Cream Recipe

CBD Vanilla Whipped Cream Recipe

From winter to summer- a high vibrational CBD edible you can dose for family gatherings to keep it chill. Top everything from pies to a pile of berries with Homemade CBD Vanilla Whipped Cream.

The holidays and beyond are all about tradition, but it's always fun to shake things up a bit. This year, I added an extra special ingredient to my mom's whipped cream recipe - CBD! I was super inspired by Laura's Blueberry Tart CBD Smoothie and Mango Magic CBD Smoothie recipes, and wanted to spread some holiday cheer with this dosed dessert. Ready to bring some high vibrational food to the table this year? Let's get started!

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We like to say CBD is the coconut oil of cannabis, but unfortunately, not all CBD is created equally.

All of our elixirs are made in super small batches with our own, family farm grown hemp CBD. As of August 2019, all of our hemp for our conscious cannabinoid line is from our very own family farm outside of Asheville, NC - unless we're supporting a local farmer right down the road. Our hemp is grown 100% sustainable and thoughtfully and we use full spectrum & whole-plant extract CBD for nutrient bioavailability. CBD is like an adaptogen of cannabis, a natural approach we can use in many ways to empower our mood and feel better. SA HEMP CBD ELIXIR ¬†‚Äʬ† How does CBD work, exactly? CBD works within our body‚Äôs¬†Endocannabinoid System receptors. This is the system that regulates our mind and body‚Äôs most complex responses like mood, sleep, nervousness, focus, stress responses and a lot more. Learn more about Soul Addict CBD. CBD has been shown to help empower anxiety, stress,¬†menstrual cramps,¬†inflammatory disorders,¬†pain management,¬†possessing anti-tumor properties,¬†treating nausea and vomiting, being a¬†neuroprotectant, to helping to¬†combat anxiety and much more. Still canna-curious? Learn more about why your body loves microdosing CBD.

Soul Addict CBD Vanilla Whipped Cream

(non-dairy option!)

  • A mixer
  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream (1 pint carton) - vegan option: sub for 2 cans of full-fat organic coconut milk. Must store cans of coconut milk in the fridge overnight to use next day as the fat will solidify and turn into creamy, delicious 'cream' you can pop into your mixer the next day!¬†
  • 4 (generous) tablespoons of powdered sugar - healthy option: sub for 4 tbsp. of agave or coconut sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of Madagascar pure vanilla extract. Add more to taste if you'd like.
  • 1 dropper of our Soul Addict Hemp CBD Elixir for 17 milligrams of organic, whole plant¬† CBD farmed by us- on our farm in the hills of Western NC. You could also use our limited-edition Elderberry + Manuka Honey CBD Elixir - a hemp CBD oil infused with immunity-boosting Elderberries, warming spices and raw New Zealand Manuka Honey.¬†

Whip and get dosed with the good stuff!

A few tips: 
  • Add the tablespoons of powdered to the liquid by gently shaking them into the bowl, as to not create any clumps.
  • Slowly increase speed as you're mixing. As soon as it starts to create peaks, stop mixing! If you mix too much or too fast, you'll make a very sweet butter instead of whipped cream. And hey... that's not the worst thing to happen!
  • Not the biggest fan of vanilla? Add orange extract or chocolate shavings instead of vanilla extract and create any flavor whipped cream you'd like.

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